Cryptoparty July 13, 2019

When -- Saturday 2019-07-13

Saturday 2019-07-13 20:00-24:00?

We have the space from some time in the afternoon and for as long as we want. No loud activities after 23:00 though.

Most of the Tor people are stuck in meetings until 18:30 and we haven't been able to find enough people not in the meeting to run an afternoon session. So right now, start around 20:00 seems like the most realistic option.

Where -- Stockholm

Stockholm --> Högdalen --> Cyklopen

Who -- Angels

Person and availability during the day

  • Linus (19:00-)
  • map
  • George
  • gaba
  • juga
  • Alex
  • Antonela
  • Alison
  • hiro
  • pili

How -- What's a cryptoparty

What -- Tools, technologies

Let's do practical, hands-on stuff?

  • Anonymous web browsing

    Tor Browser on laptop and phone

  • Instant messaging

    Wire? Threema? Signal?

Tor relay meetup

One session could be a Tor relay meetup. pili and gus have expressed interest in this.


  • This wiki page

  • Mailing list (closed, non-public)


  • CryptoParty wiki

  • Flyers? Stickers?

  • Tor blog?

  • Mailing lists and social media thingies

    • Twitter? FB?