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update times
remove two angels who have canceled
more cryptoparty
add links
move reading list and add to it
add two angels
add a section on "how"
organisation, announcments
add idea on how to schedule things
crytoparty who and content suggestions
formatting, so hard
cryptoparty details
add cryptoparty 2019
add ola contrubutions text as markdown
spelling and capitalisation
Ola bini sw contributions
two more links
four more links
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three more links
add titles and dates for all english news articles
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more links; more link text
add a link; add titles, source and dates for others
add a bunch of AP links
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add EFF
add some link titles
more whitespace
add whitespace to improve rendering to html
add linus/freeolabini
use a name
add file
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add yunohost
hostname taken
Don't start sshd in jails.
We no longer use AllowGroups. Deny root logins if case sshd is enabled
and the jail is not configured with ansible yet.
one more pic plus minor tweaks
add license, a pic, and a url to the presentation
add two missing pictures
add more notes and tweak some of the content sligthly
Less next
Move most of the text in part one to speaker notes
stricter shell scripting; enumerate jails better; better SSHFP instr
ipv6 link networks renumbered to /96
not that it helped much though!
might want to get back to /112.
presentation hyper island, first draft
add bird commands
Useful commands for BGP
mrtg setup
Document IPv6 linknets
memento has moved
Add a `--no-fetch' switch
do perform 'pkg bootstrap'
Seems like 'pkg install' don't allways work. Not sure why but this
shouldn't hurt.
add a FIXME
clarify where we're fetching from
Good for knowing that the autodetection of host system is working
Add 'init' subcommand
update some of the network info
update mlmmj instructions a bit
Add Threema fingerprint
reformat; add external dns resolver; add gitolite depencency
fix link to tordnsel in abuse templates
Clarify package building.
Add services.
minor fixes
missing period
uppdatera medlemshnatering med mer info om hanteringen av data
Make the ping6 test work.
Improve informational text.
Add support for HardenedBSD.
några nya hostnamn
Update info on service jails (ie remove it).
more formatting
improve protocoll a bit
add printer friendly version of board meeting 2018-02-11
protokoll årsmöte 2018
Plus: Delete a test file ("done testing").
add a bit more to the user management and email info
add a bit more info on the email service
add project document for the new email service
add link to "utredningar" from wiki start page