an email service for DFRI

email submission

  • MTA: postfix
  • multiple submission MTA's, dns roundrobin

incoming email -- imap servers

  • dovecot + TREES

  • one or more pair(s) of dovecot servers replicating email using dsync over ssh

sorting mail into folders

  • sieve
  • are there any decent sieve clients?

spam and virus, dealing with the unwanted

spf, dkim, dmarc, arc

spam filtering

  • spamassassin, filtering both outgoing and incoming?
  • greylisting
  • avoid judging based on source address if at all possible
  • per-user settings for spam filtering

virus filtering

  • both outgoing and incoming?
  • per-user settings for virus filtering

mailing lists

  • choice of software: mlmmj, mailman, sympa
    • mlmmj is simple, too simple? there are software for keeping subscribers in both sql and ldap databases; how's this web i/f?
    • mailman
    • sympa is competent but not very user friendly, in use by riseup since long and they might be interested in fixing the web i/f


  • choice of software: roundcube, horde, other